Wax Divas

Delray Beach, FL 33444

Wax Divas Massage Policies

Wax Divas is a Professional Facility.

We require a Health Check Sheet and Massage Waiver with address, phone, and emergency contact information to be filled out prior to massage.

WE REQUIRE DRAPING ON OUR CLIENTS. Please let your therapist know if you need or prefer a lighter drape and they will adjust for your session.

If you are sunburned all over your body we will not be able to perform a massage. We may be able to give you a Noni Gel wrap to soothe the burn or perform a compression treatment.

Please arrive showered and clean. We DO NOT have a shower on site.

Therapist will instruct client before massage and leave room and knock to see if client is ready before entering the room.

Massage will end if inappropriate conduct happens. The definition of inappropriate contact is at the discretion of the uncomfortable party.

Examples Of Inappropriate Behavior Are:

- Sexual grunts, groins and sounds that are not appropriate for a professional massage.
- Grabbbing the therapist.
- Trying to put therapist hands on parts of your body.
- Grinding yourself on the table.
- Touching yourself inappropriately.
- Soliciting the therapist for sexual favors and or extras.

Soliciting for sex in the State of Florida is illegal and us punishable by law of up to five years in jail, $5,000 fine and your name and picture plastered all over the internet and local papers.

Massage will not be performed if the client is under the influence of alcohol or illegal mind altering substances.

If you are under the age of 18, a legal guardian must accompany you.

Keeping it Clean:

Our bathrooms, and facility are super clean.

All materials that both the therapist and the client touch will be clean.

Therapist will wash hands before and after each massage.

Therapist will meet basic hygienic standards in body and wardrobe.

Therapist has the right to choose not to do a massage if client is not clean.

The Time Factor:

Due to do many cancellations and no-shows for massage we now require a credit card number to hold your treatment time. We do not charge your card at the time of appointment. However, if you no call and no show we will charge you full price of your service.
Appointments book quickly and if you don't show up that therapist loses revenue for the day.

Please CALL to RESCHEDULE if you know you can't make it. We work with you to have the best experience at Wax Divas.

Cancellations must be made at least 4 hours in advance, or it is at the discretion of the therapist to charge full price for possible business loss.

If the Client is late, the therapist will try to give the client full time. If the therapist is not able to do this, the Client is responsible for full charge of service.

Note: Life happens. Everyone tries to be where they say they are going to be. Sometimes it doesn't work out. Wax Divas understands this and is always happy to reschedule. We also try to remind clients via text message reminders of your appointment.

About Payment:

If you refer a client for massage or a facial you get $10.00 towards your next treatment. Wax Divas makes every effort to keep track, but if you haven't gotten your discount talk to us.

Wax Divas accepts major credit cards, and cash. Tips are greatly appreciated. The norm in the industry is 20 percent or more. We email or text you a receipt.

If your therapist is sick she will reschedule your appointment. No-one wants a treatment from someone who is sick. It would be appreciated if you'd do the same. (Note: The common cold may be an exception).